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Jasper Goodman



Having run his own real estate investment company for over a decade, Jasper Goodman of Raleigh, North Carolina, is no stranger to the challenges of entrepreneurship. He is currently self-employed at his real estate firm, Landstar Investment Group, LLC. Over the years, he has learned a lot about how to operate a business, from incorporation to building profit margins. He enjoys the challenge of managing a professional company on his own as well as the freedom it allows him to structure his career in ways that help him reach his personal and professional goals.


Jasper Goodman has become an expert in navigating the real estate market around Raleigh, North Carolina. As a popular place for people to move to in recent years, it can be competitive, and prices often run high. Nevertheless, Jasper has successfully built a solid portfolio of properties through his investments. He is skilled at negotiating deals and seeing the potential a property has to offer. Not only is he able to acquire profitable properties, but he is also able to manage them well to maximize his profits and ensure his tenants are satisfied. Managing tenant relationships is critical for real estate investors as it can increase the likelihood of renewing leases and avoiding having to find new tenants. It also helps improve your rapport in the local community.

Success in real estate typically requires building strong professional relationships within the community. Real estate investors must work with selling agents, financial professionals, tenants, contractors, and more to secure properties and ensure they make a profit.  Jasper Goodman has made this a priority throughout his career, which has helped him succeed in his investments. He has built a solid professional network that provides the connections, resources, and reputation he needs to continue growing Landstar Investment Group. He enjoys sharing his expertise with his professional colleagues and helping to strengthen those connections.

In his free time, Jasper Goodman enjoys everything baseball. He keeps up with professional teams during the season, plays locally, and even coaches a team. Jasper enjoys the sportsmanship and history in the game and loves getting to share it with friends and family in his personal community. It is one of the ways he relieves stress from his professional life and stays active.

Jasper Goodman is an experienced professional with insight into a variety of topics. To learn more about him, his career, and his expertise, visit his other websites at and